Dr. Kirchner's patient

“Good afternoon.
I wake up from a deep nap.
It is as if the Guardian Angel of the Doctor has brushed me with his wings. Even on the right leg ...
Thank you very much.”

Dr Martín Estevez.

Specialist in Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery.

A lifetime of effort and dedication. As Steve Jobs experienced it somehow ... ”Jobs's mastery consisted in connecting the dots ... He himself was sure that it is only possible to CREATE looking back, trusting that, somehow, these dots would connect somehow in the future ”... in the case of Dr. Kirchner, countless hours of study, thousands of hours dissecting tissues, treating thousands of patients contemplating their pain, perfecting surgical techniques, refining skills in the art, performing then high-level column interventionism, studying properties of biological compounds that would sublimely demonstrate, neither more nor less, provoke the repair of human tissue, etc, etc,)
"You have to trust something - your intuition, destiny, life, karma, whatever - this idea has never disappointed me and it has made all the difference in my life," he explained in one of his most famous speeches, in front of a group of graduates from Stanford University in June 2005. Congratulations Fernando !!!!!, you have managed with your life to provide an extraordinary contribution to MODERN MEDICINE and ultimately to the HUMAN BEING. You are a source of inspiration for all of us !!!

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