Professional group with high specific training and experience in humane treatment and teamwork. Willing to make an accurate diagnosis with a wide variety of treatments and medical specialties.

Maresme Medical Group

The Agrupación Médica del Maresme is a medical group dedicated to the search for efficiency in diagnosis and treatment in order to help people improve their standard of living. In this group we have been working for 35 years in traumatology and classical orthopedics, it is as we started in the 80s, then with minimally invasive medicine to solve problems such as haliux valgus (bunions) without hospital admission. On the other hand, the arthroscopies, that through two very small incisions access those joints with novel results.

Currently the group that commands DR. FERNANDO KIRCHNER is made up of specialized nurses, traumatologists, sports medicine specialists, biologists and radiologists who are fully dedicated to both cervical and lumbar spine treatments. Through non-invasive protocols that consist of the application of protein-rich plasma in herniated discs, protrusions, in degenerative disc lesions, cervical and lumbar spine osteoarthritis, allowing the patient to do this treatment on an outpatient basis and with sedation.

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+34 937 906 347
+34 640 758 365

Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

+34 937 952 424
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